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Silicon Valley’s premier private school serving Infant - 8th grade

Second Grade



Plants ● Weather and the Water Cycle ● Dinosaurs and Fossils ● The Food Chain ● Heat, Light, and Sound ● Magnets ●Forces and Simple Machines ● The Needs of Living Things ● Life Cycles ● Rocks

Social Studies

People and Places : Groups, Cities, Suburbs, and Communities

Places Near and Far: Map Skills, Landforms, Weather Climate, Regions, and Resources.

Ways of Living: Families, Cultures, Symbols, Holidays, and Citizenship.

People at Work: Needs, Wants, and Choices, Work, Goods, and Services, Money and Trade

America's Past: First Americans, Explorers, Colonists, New Country Past Heroes, Communication and Transportation Changes.

America's Government: Citizens, Laws, Leaders, National Government, and Holidays.

  • Class Cooking
  • Explorer Reports
  • Timelines
  • Hatching Ducklings
  • STEM Parties


Lena Dorsey

Lena Dorsey


Mrs. Lena Dorsey joined our staff in 2000. She holds Bachelor's degrees from Santa Clara University and San Jose Christian College, her California teaching credential from Bethany University, and a Master's degree from Grand Canyon University. She is a Barton trained tutor in Reading and Language Development as well as implementing the Workshop Way to promote self-directed independent workers and thinkers in her classroom. She has the unique ability of being both fun and challenging as she strives to help each student reach his or her potential as a uniquely gifted and talented creation of God. She has two children, both of whom are attending CCS.

Edie Wong

Edie Wong


Mrs. Edie Wong began her teaching career at Campbell Christian Schools in 2003; however, she has been teaching in both public and private schools on several continents for over 25 years. Mrs. Wong has taught every grade from Kindergarten through 10th grade during her career as a teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Indiana University as well as a Master of Arts degree in Education with special emphasis in curriculum from California State University at Bakersfield. She has also been trained in Slingerland, the multisensory approach to language arts. Her teaching experience, kind demeanor, and quintessential community-building between parents and their children bolsters our exceptional Second Grade program.

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