What Makes Us Different

A trusted, family-like community: students given the safety and continuity to flourish in an arena rarely seen in our fast-paced world.

We have become the only Infant-toddler through 8th grade Christian school in the Greater Bay Area to provide parents with a complete Christian Education experience—an extension of their own home, offering Christ-centered spirituality as well as academic excellence. We believe in integrated communication skills that include writing, elocution skills and group dynamics, along with character development, mentoring, service to community and physical fitness.

Campbell Christian students

We realize you have many choices when it comes to educating your children. Here's what you'll find at CCS that makes us different than all the rest.

All CCS students enjoy a familial bond and long term relationships with teachers and staff.. By having students of all ages interacting, learning and working together on the same campus, teachers and staff have the pleasure to walk alongside our students during all stages of growth and development. As students move from pre-adolescence to adolescence, our students are given the safety and continuity to flourish in an arena that is rarely seen in our fast-paced "get it done yesterday" world.

We also encourage our students to be children first and then transition to adolescence with a group of caring, compassionate teachers and staff that want to see students explore all of their God-given talents, and then stretch those areas that foster resiliency, adaptability and tenaciousness.

We are a community that fosters effective communicators, servant leaders, and strong collaborators. Students are given the confidence to speak publicly in chapel performances and group presentations. Students develop leadership skills through mentoring and involvement in service opportunities.

You might ask, "How would my student integrate into this environment?" Part of our culture consists of ensuring each new family feels welcome. Students are encouraged to greet, meet, and welcome new students, as well as to participate in cooperative learning and sharing of ideas. Because of this school culture, students and parents are able to build life-long relationships with others in our school community.

elementary school students in classroom

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