Food Service and Nutrition

The CCS Preschool has a full service kitchen on-site with dedicated staff committed to preparing a healthy lunch and two fresh snacks daily. We select and purchase the freshest fruit, vegetables, and dairy products to complement our menu and incorporate special holiday and seasonal meals into menu-planning.

In addition to healthy food, we strive to create a congenial atmosphere by serving meals family-style, having teachers sit with the children during lunch and encouraging conversation and age-appropriate etiquette. Meals are preceeded by giving thanks in prayer.

All staff are ServSafe certified and all meals meet nutritional and dietary guidelines as required by the California State Standards for child food service.


  • Meals are as fresh as possible and prepared just before serving.
  • We make our own sandwiches, pizza, pastas and baked items.
  • We serve 1% Milk.
  • We use a variety of whole grains, rice and breads.
  • We serve fresh organic fruits and vegetables for both lunch and snack.
  • Fresh cut vegetables are served separately as well as mixed into foods to enhance nutritional value.
  • We serve turkey, chicken, fish filets and, occasionally, beef & pork products.
  • Meals are individually planned rather than repeated each month to give a variety of choices.
  • Ingredients are based on seasonal availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Snacks are balanced with appropriate amounts of fruits, liquids and starches.
  • Juices served are 100% juice. No sugars, fructose or corn syrup are added.
  • We work one on one with parents who have children with food allergies or specific dietary requirements.

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