Elementary School

Here at Campbell Christian our motto is “Building a Firm Foundation”. We construct a strong academic base for our students to draw from as they advance, but we also want to build a spiritual foundation. Our intent is to teach our students to do well as they go out into the world, but also for them to develop sound character. Our desire is for them to become people who are respectful, kind, trustworthy and honorable. We aren’t just teaching children, we are developing them into strong community members and gracious adults.

What makes our Elementary program unique is the school’s family culture. Our teachers meet every morning to pray and share devotionals. The people who work here are completely invested in the school and the students in feel and close to their teachers. Our staff wants to see children succeed in every aspect of their lives. We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly.

This support system doesn’t end with the adults. We teach our students to take care of each other as well. In our Buddy Program, older students meet with younger students. They learn together, play together, and mentor each other. We also have a long standing tradition of gathering as a school every morningfor morning prayer and flag salute. Children aren’t just isolated to their own grade, they are incorporated into the school as a whole reinforcing the sense of community.

Along with our ambitious academic program we offer a wide range of extra curricular activites and enrichments. All students take P.E., Music, Art, Library and Chapel. While, chapel serves as a place for our students to celebrate God’s love and learn positive values it also builds confidence. Chapel is student-led and all grades get the opportunity to lead it. From a very young age, our students learn how to stand in front of audience and perform with poise and self-assurance.

Campbell Christian also features an in depth athletic department. Students have the opportunity to try out for sports such as: cross country, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. We have a beautiful gym on our campus that all of our student get to enjoy. Our campus is also adjacent to a vast field where students play along with have two grassy areas, two playgrounds and a sandbox.

We offer a variety of after school programs for students of all ages. In our Extended Care, students have the opportunity to work on homework, play games, work on crafts, and participate in a wide range of activities. We also offer chess, private music lessons, a writing club, and Girls on The Run.

Being located in the Silicon Valley means that we are surrounded by amazing education resources for our students to visit. Some of our field trips include the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Exploratorium, The Museum of Science, and the San Francisco Zoo. Our fourth and fifth graders also have the opportunity to go to overnight camps. Fourth grade attends 49er camp in Gold Rush country and fifth grade attends a science camp at Mission Springs near Felton.

Attending CCS will help prepare your child for a life of service, character, and academic success. Beyond this, CCS provides a support system for you and your family. We want to incorporate you into the community that we have developed. We welcome you to our family.

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