Fifth Grade


What is Science? ● Patterns of motion and Friction● How do we use food? ● Food Webs ● Plant & Animal Cells ● Earth's Spheres ● Sun & Other Stars ● Properties of Matter ● Particle Nature of Matter ● Conservation of Matter ● Water Quality & Distribution ● Chemical vs Physical Changes


Whole Numbers and the Four Operations ● Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers ● Decimals ● Four Operations of Decimals● Volume ● Line Plots and the Coordinate Plane ● Polygons ● Ratio ● Percent


Old Testament survey including:

Job ● Deborah ● Naomi & Ruth ● Samson & Delilah ● David ● The Divided Kingdom● Elijah & Elisha ● Jonah ● Jeremiah ● Daniel ● Esther

Social Studies

American History survey including:

Regions of North America ● Native Peoples ● America 1492 ● Exploring the Americas ● Early Settlements ● Thirteen Colonies ● Declaration of Independence ● Revolutionary Women ● Important American Figures ● The Constitution ● American Government ● The New Nation ● Lewis and Clark ● Westward Expansion ● Pioneers ● Industrial Revolution in America ● Immigration ● Civil War

Language ARts

Suffixes & Prefixes ● Greek & Latin Roots ● Base words & Endings ● Vowel Teams ● Personal Narratives ● Syllable Patterns ● Consonant Changes ● Multisyllabic words ● Schwa ● Vowel Sounds ● Informational Writing ● Opinion Essays ● Science Fiction Texts ● Poetry Writing

Service Projects

Leading Chapel Worship ● Second Grade Buddies ● Operation Christmas Child

  • State Report
  • Science Fair
  • Newbery Cube Book Report
  • Classic Book Folder Report


Erika Antivo

Erika Antivo


Miss. Erika Antivo grew up in New York and Nevada. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Ms. Antivo has enjoyed teaching since 2016 and has experience in both elementary and middle school classrooms. Ms. Antivo is an enthusiastic and experienced educator with a passion and commitment to two things: meeting individual learning styles and instilling a sense of self-worth among all students through Christ-centered education. She enjoys learning, reading, Bible studies, cooking, camping, watching Marvel movies/series, and spending time with her family in her free time.

Lisa LeSage

Lisa LeSage


Mrs. Lisa LeSage officially joined the CCS teaching staff in 2011 after years of active involvement as a parent, including three years of coordinating the Fun Run and substitute teaching. Both of her children are former students and began attending CCS in preschool. Mrs. LeSage's love of this school and passion for working with children inspired her to pursue a second career and earn her multiple subject teaching credential at San Jose State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Santa Clara University. Mrs. LeSage brings energy and enthusiasm for learning into the classroom.