First Grade


Life Sciences

Muscles and Bones ● Plants and Animals

Physical Science

Solids ● Liquids ● Gases ● Changing Matter ● Good Nutrition and How Our Bodies Use Nutrition

Earth Science

Weather ● Seasons

Social Studies

Citizenship ● Famous Americans & Symbols ● U.S. Presidents ● Holidays ● Community Workers ● Black History Month ● Goods and Services ● Maps ● Direction

  • Fifth Grade Reading/Writing/Physical Education Buddies
  • Chapel and Bible Presentations
  • Apple Week
  • Molly Pilgrim
  • Flat Stanley Project
  • Daily Journal Writing


Ally Kalsbeek

Ally Kalsbeek


Mrs. Ally Kalsbeek graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies and a minor in Spanish from Azusa Pacific University. Afterwards, she earned her teaching credential from St. Mary's College. Since 2012 she have taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades but has a passion for 1st grade in particular. Teaching is Ally's greatest passion but she also enjoys writing, traveling, public speaking, climbing and cooking. She was married to her husband, Josh, in July 2016. Together they attended Venture Church and enjoy the outdoors, coffee shops, and intentional time with friends. Ally considers herself a life-long learner and loves instilling that passion in her students. Her goal is to create a classroom where students feel known, heard, and loved, where mistakes are accepted as part of the learning process, and where we all grow in the grace and truth of Jesus together.

Bethany LeLaurin

Bethany LeLaurin


Mrs. Bethany LeLaurin comes to CCS from Chicago, IL where she attended Moody Bible Institute. She has a major in Elementary Education, a minor in Biblical studies and additional studies focusing on both exceptional children and children with learning difficulties. She has attended ACSI’s annual conference as well as a first grade literacy conference in reading development. She is passionate about getting students excited about the Bible and showing students how to love one another well. She strives to meet the academic needs of her students through strong relationships and differentiation.