First Grade



5 Senses ● Light ● Sound ● Animals ● Biomimicry ● Engineering ● Planets ● Gravity ● Seasons ● Communication ● Keeping Fit and Healthy

Social Studies

Living in a Community ● The American People ● Holidays ● Maps & Globes ● Goods & Services ● Today & Yesterday


Alphabet ● High Frequency Words ● Story Predictions ● Sequencing ● Cause and Effect ● Compare & Contrast ● Rhyme ● Reading: chorally, consonants, short vowels, vowel digraphs, fiction, informational text, poetry, drama, fables, folktales, biography, historical fiction, persuasive text, draw connections ● Writing: sentences, capitalization, punctuation, personal narrative, poems, plays, informational essay, opinion letter, penmanship


Counting to 120 ● Shapes & Patterns ● Place Value ● Collecting Data ● Time ● Money ● Adding/Subtracting with Regrouping

  • Chapel and Bible Presentations
  • Day 100
  • Heritage Project
  • Daily Journal Writing
  • Seasonal art and poetry projects
  • Buddies with Fourth Grade
  • Holiday cards for a senior center


Maria Benevento

Maria Benevento


Mrs. Maria Benevento-Collins earned her teaching credential from Santa Clara University and began her teaching career in 2007 at Stocklmeir Elementary School in the Cupertino school district. After teaching first grade there for three years, she felt God’s call to teach first grade at Los Altos Christian Schools. Mrs. Benevento also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University and prior to teaching she worked in the nonprofit sector. Believing in lifelong learning and the importance of health and nutrition, she completed a certificate program from Cornell University in plant-based nutrition. Mrs. Benevento loves helping children realize and make use of their God-given gifts. She enjoys spending time in nature with her family, friends, and dog, along with cooking, gardening, swimming and playing the ukulele. She is an active member of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church where she has taught Sunday school, been a mission elder and an advisor for their high school annual service/learning trips.

Evonne Litfin

Evonne Litfin


Mrs. Evonne Litfin graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies from CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, California. She also holds an MS in Education specializing in Curriculum and Literacy Development. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades and has also held administrative roles at Los Altos Christian Schools. She is passionate about teaching kids about who God is and how much He loves them. Teaching reading is a favorite for Mrs. Litfin. Hearing students say, "I can read this myself! Can I read it to you?" brings her joy. In her personal time, she spends time with her husband, a design engineer, and her son. As a family, they enjoy travel and sci-fi.