Fourth Grade



Electricity ● Cell structure ● Science experiments ● Science experiment demonstration ● Human Body Systems ● Moon Phases ● Earth Science ● Light and its Properties

Language Arts

My View Literacy ● Fiction ● Biographies ● Poetry ● Realistic Fiction ● Autobiographies ● Traditional Literature ● Informational & Argumentative Text ● Base words ● Suffixes ● Prefixes ● Greek and Latin Word Parts ● Syllable Patterns ● Figurative Language ● Language and Conventions


●Fact Fluency ● Number Sense ● Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction ● Computation Strategies ●Real World Problems ● Math Journaling ● Working with Whole Numbers ● Multiplication ●Division ● Decimals ● Fractions ● Mixed numbers ● Conversion of Measurements ● Geometry


●Introducing God's Plan through Jesus for our Salvation ● The Great Commission and Pentecost

● Believers and Persecution ● The Conversion of Saul ● Missionary Journey's of Paul ● Special Units ● Christ's Birth ● The Good News of Christ ● Roman's Road to Salvation

Social Studies

The history of California ● It's People and the Mission System ● Becoming a State ● The Gold Rush

● Governing California ● Keeping California's Promise ● The Great Depression ● Cultural Contributions

  • Studentreasures Young Authors
  • Book Report
  • Buddies
  • Community Service Project


Sheri Agers

Sheri Agers


Mrs. Sheri Agers began her teaching career in 2001 and has taught children in preschool through 11th grade. She has previously taught at Kids Korner, Los Gatos Christian School (for 10 years), Legacy Christian School, Live Oak Academy, Los Altos Christian School and was a long-term substitute teacher at Campbell Christian Schools during the 2015-2016 school year. Mrs. Agers has a BS in Speech Communication from SCSU and a Masters in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. Mrs. Agers has participated in professional development with, technology training, ACSI training, the Razkids reading program, the Technology in a Changing World conference, Step-up-to-Writing, Envision, Saxon, Math in Focus, Science Fusion, and EdmodoCon. Mrs. Agers is a member of Saratoga Federated Church, where she has participated in Christmas plays, and VBS skits. Her goal is to be a loving role model that encourages children to be positive and respectful problem solvers. Mrs. Agers enjoys exercising, reading, and traveling to see her family.

Kim Shields

Kim Shields


Mrs. Kim Shields has had her own elementary age classrooms for over 30 years. She earned her Master of Science Degree in Education and California Multiple Subject Credential from California State University, Fullerton. Her Bachelor of Arts in Child Development and Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education were from Pacific Christian College. She also holds a Lifetime Teaching Certificate from the Association of Christian Schools International. Although Mrs. Shields is pleased with her academic accomplishments, her significance and delight come from knowing the Lord. She loves creating a fun classroom that encourages personal accountability, the freedom to risk trying and learning new things, and exploration of the world God made for us. She and her husband have been married since 1990. They have an adult son who loves and serves the Lord.