Life Science

● Plants ● Animals ● Living vs Non-Living

Earth Science

● Conservation of Earth's Resources ● Weather

Physical Science

● Pushes and Pulls

Social Studies

● Citizenship ● Calendar ● Neighborhoods ● Fire Safety ● Flags and Symbols ● History: A Celebration!● Past and Present ● Jobs ● Maps


● Pearson My View ● Letters and Sounds ● Blends ● Digraphs ● CVC words ● Sight words ● Printing and Forming Letters ● Pencil grip


●Number sense ● Math Vocabulary ● Charting ● Counting ● 100th Day ● Manipulatives

kindergarten classroom

  • Third Grade Reading/Writing Buddies
  • Winter Box Skating and Cotton Snowball Games
  • Turkey Pluck, Egg Hunt
  • 100th Day of School


Suzy Negrette

Suzy Negrette


Mrs. Suzy Negrette has been a classroom teacher since 2007. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Bible and Theology and Christian Leadership from William Jessup University. She earned her Masters Degree with a focus on Special Practices from National University. One of her favorite things about teaching is creating an environment where students feel safe, want to learn, work hard, and want to be at everyday. She and her husband have been married for more than 20 years. They have two adult children.

Malaina Swearingen

Malaina Swearingen


Mrs. Malaina Swearingen attended Sonoma State University and was a part of the teacher prep program at Hutchins School of Liberal Studies. She received her BA in 2018. Mrs. Swearingen has taught 1st, 4th and is now teachering her favorite grade–Kindergarten! Her educational focus emphasizes on inclusion, positivity, love and kindness. She focuses on the fact that each student learns in their own unique way and that no matter the challenge we face in life, you can succeed with hard work and dedication! A classroom should be a place for growth, acceptance, happiness and perseverance. Mrs. Swearingen was born and raised in San Jose and has been blessed with incredible friendships and connections throughout the years. Some of her favorite hobbies include, hiking, playing sports, reading and taking her dog, McCovey, to the beach.