Second Grade



Plants ● Weather and the Water Cycle ● Dinosaurs and Fossils ● The Food Chain ● Heat, Light, and Sound ● Magnets ●Forces and Simple Machines ● The Needs of Living Things ● Life Cycles ● Rocks

Social Studies

People and Places : Groups, Cities, Suburbs, and Communities

Places Near and Far: Map Skills, Landforms, Weather Climate, Regions, and Resources.

Ways of Living: Families, Cultures, Symbols, Holidays, and Citizenship.

People at Work: Needs, Wants, and Choices, Work, Goods, and Services, Money and Trade

America's Past: First Americans, Explorers, Colonists, New Country Past Heroes, Communication and Transportation Changes.

America's Government: Citizens, Laws, Leaders, National Government, and Holidays.

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Brian Kaewkan

Brian Kaewkan


Mr. Brian Kaewkan joined the Campbell Christian team in 2018 working in our Extended Care and Summer Camp programs. During this time, he completed his bachelors at Cal State East Bay and started subbing as a Junior High and Elementary teacher. Now, as a 2nd grade teacher, Mr. Kaewkan is passionate about creating an all inclusive learning environment for students to learn at their highest potential. He has three brothers and enjoys playing basketball with friends at the park.

Jennifer Patane

Jennifer Patane

Mrs Jennifer Patane holds a BS in Elementary Education from Shippensburg University and a MA in Special Education from Azusa Pacific University. Her 20+ years of teaching experience range from private Christian schools to missionary work in Indonesia to public schools in Los Angeles and New York. She is passionate about the full-inclusion of students with special needs whereby a community is created centered on love, patience, kindness, gentleness and acceptance of everyone. She was married in June of 2018. Together they love hiking, biking and enjoying God's beautiful creation! She is pursuing a masters in counseling at the Townsend Institute.