Third Grade



Animal Habitats ● Ecosystems ● Food Chains ● Asteroid and Comets ● Gravity and Weight ● Internal and External needs

Language Arts

Adventure Reading ● Journal Writing ● Incredible Stories ● Biographies ● Poetry ● Autobiographies ● Creative Mom and Pop Writing

Social Studies

Geography and Extensive Maps Skills ● Native Cultures ● Basic Government and Economics


Israelite Exodus from Egypt ● 7 cycles of Israelite relationships with God

  • Animal Research Report & Diorama
  • Autobiography
  • Mom & Pop Portrait Project
  • Travel Brochure


Gail Griffin

Gail Griffin


Ms. Gail Griffin attended Pepperdine University and holds a degree from San Jose State University. As a third grade teacher, she has a reputation for being able to bring the best out of children. She has taught at CCS since 1981. Gail has been honored by San Jose Magazine as educator of the year for 2006. Ms. Griffin engages children with difficult content, and is able to teach at various levels and plan for individual differences and learning styles.

Karen Saloman

Karen Saloman


Mrs. Karen Saloman joined the Campbell Christian Schools staff in August of 2007, but prior to this school, she taught third grade for two years at Calvary Chapel Christian School in San Jose. Mrs. Saloman also taught at Los Altos Christian School for grades 1-6 and worked in the Cupertino School District for over six years. Mrs. Saloman has a Bachelors degree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University. She is trained in the Slingerland Multisensory Approach to Language Development. Her diverse background and outgoing personality give her the knowledge and understanding to be an outstanding third grade teacher. Mrs. Saloman's goals are to find new and creative ways to develop your child academically as well as spiritually. She has two grown daughters and a grandson.