Junior High

The goal of our Junior High program is to prepare our students for a highly successful high school and college experience. We provide detailed and high caliber academics along with elaborate electives and enrichments. At Campbell Christian Schools, we are able to do this while still maintaining a great deal of personal care. Your student isn’t just one of eight hundred; they are an individual that deserves attention and kindness.

Many schools focus on developing the ‘whole child’. We firmly believe in this, but here at CCS we add a spiritual component on top of the academic, emotional and social aspects. Our core frame-work of values, ethics and morals are characteristics any parent would want their child to have. We teach our students honesty, patience, gentleness, and self-control. We strive for our students not just to become successful, but to also become people who are strong in character.

Our Junior High prides itself in the quality and diversity of our programs. We provide a strong academics without forgetting that our students have other needs and passions. Our students can select from electives like band, show choir, yearbook, and 3-D art. The athletics department is exceptional. We offer a wide range of sports to girls and boys such as wrestling, soccer, basketball, soft ball and volley ball. By participating in sports our students learn about health and fitness, positive citizenship, hard work, and discipline.

Here at CCS we fully embrace technology in our academic program. We have a fully supported one-to-one technology program. As a part of our tuition, students are issued an iPad for them to use during the school year. These iPads are integrated into every class. We have staff that are dedicated to helping students understand how to use their iPads to their full potential and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Furthermore, we are dedicated to teaching our students how to use technology responsibly. We recognize that navigating the internet as a young adult can be hazardous, and we teach our students how to make the right choices. Our technology program includes a computer lab that hosts up to 26 students and a 3-D printer.

We know that Junior High isn’t always the easiest time for young teens. The transition into adolescence is a complicated time. We are dedicated to a school environment where our students feel safe and part of a community. They are comfortable approaching teachers and staff with their struggles, and they know that the community as a whole wants to see them succeed. We are committed to supporting you in challenges and rejoicing with you in your triumphs. At Campbell Christian School we embrace your student and your family as our own.

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