CCS uses carefully considered criteria for choosing our Junior High curriculum.

School administrators, teachers and curriculum consultants analyze California State Academic Standards and National Common Core standards in order to choose the best courses for each subject based on our student population and the available curriculum materials.

Emphasis is placed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and is supported by continuous assessment of our IT infrastructure, compute resources and personnel training.

Textbooks are chosen that provide a balance of enriching activities and core subject material integrated with technology, biblical truths and critical thinking skills.

Curriculum is kept current to ensure that our students are learning the most relevant information alongside activities supported by the most current research.

An independent university curriculum professor is employed to write a cohesive and integrated curriculum guide to ensure consistency and compliance for all subject areas throughout the school year.

Core Subjects


6th Grade students are placed in one of two leveled math classes aimed to match the individual student's content understanding. The textbooks in are Holt McDougal, Math Grade 6 or Pre-Algebra. These books follow Common Core standards, copyright 2012.

7th Grade students are placed in one of three-leveled math classes: Math Grade 7, Pre-Algebra or Algebra. The textbooks for these classes are Holt McDougal, Mathematics Grade 7 and Holt McDougal, Larson, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. These books follow Common Core standards, copyright 2012.

8th Grade students use the same Pre-Algebra and Algebra textbooks with an additional Geometry class for those students who have mastered Algebra at the 7th grade level.

World History

6th Grade students learn Ancient World History using McDougal Littell's World History, Ancient Civilizations textbook, copyright 2006.

7th Grade students explore a full survey of World History using Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt's World History textbook, copyright 2012.

8th Grade students learn about American History with Holt McDougal's United States History Beginning to 1914 in preparation for their spring trip to Washington D.C.

Language Arts

Writing and vocabulary are emphasized throughout the instructional process for all grades.

6th Grade students use the Holt McDougal, Literature Grade 6 textbook, copyright 2012, following Common Core standards.

7th and 8th Grade students analyze written text to identify plot, subplot, tone, etc. while expanding and reviewing language usage and the writing process. Both grades also dive into nonfiction. The textbooks used are Holt McDougal, Literature Grade 7 and Literature Grade 8, copyright 2012, following Common Core standards.

The books read in Junior High include The Cay, Esperanza Rising, Animal Farm, Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde, The Giver and The Wood Runner.


6th Grade students use the Amplify Science California curriculum, which has been built from the ground up to comply with Next Generation Science Standards, this curriculum focuses on investigation-based learning and we are pleased to be rolling this new curriculum out this year.

7th Grade students explore Life Science with the goal of exploring biology and biological concepts: life, viruses, bacteria, protocist, fungi, plants, animals, the human body, genetics and heredity, and ecology. Textbooks are published by Christian Schools International.

8th Grade students investigate matter, interactions of substances, magnetism, electricity, motion, and energy at work. Textbooks are published by Christian Schools International.


All junior high students have daily devotionals in their homeroom along with 14 chapel programs through the school year.

6th Grade uses the book To the Ends of the Earth: The Birth and Early Expansion of the Church, a study of the Book of Acts. This class includes varied, lively exercises and activities to engage students and encourage understanding of biblical application.

As 7th Grade students face more and more decisions on their own, they find that their new freedoms are followed by greater responsibility and higher expectations. Wise Up!, published by Positive Christian Action, encourages students to study the wisdom of God in Proverbs, allowing Him to shape their lives into the image of His Son, Christ.

8th Grade students use Route 66, published by Positive Christian Action, which takes students through a fast paced survey of the entire Bible.