To provide a well-rounded education with subjects that highlight each student's individual talents and interests, CCS offers Junior High students several options for elective classes.

Music and Performance
  • Red Band 5th-8th grade: Students learn to play their choice of flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, or percussion. No experience necessary. The Red Band performs at the Winter and Spring concerts.
  • Blue Band 6th-8th grade: Students who have had beginning instruction on a band instrument and obtained the approval of the director may join the blue band. Students will expand their repertoire of band music and perform at various events throughout the school year in addition to the Winter and Spring concerts.

  • Show Choir 6th-8th grade: A vocal ensemble designed to study and perform music in various styles focusing on jazz, pop & swing incorporation singing, movement and dance. This ensemble will perform at various events during the school year, including Winter and Spring Concerts.
  • Theater 7th-8th grade: Students get the opportunity to learn all about the creative art of theater. You will enjoy practicing the craft of acting as you develop your imagination and creativity through the use of various theater game and improvisation. This is a hands-on elective where you will always have something exciting to work on with your classmates, culminating in a live performance.
  • Three-Dimensional Sculpture Art Studio 6th-8th Grade: Students learn to create 3-D sculptures while focusing on the elements and principles of design. Materials utilized include paper ,wire, recyclables, cardboard, and clay. Emphasis is placed upon the student's ability to conceive 3-D forms and execute them skillfully in space.
  • Sketching Art Studio 6th-8th Grade: Students develop knowledge on the foundation of basic drawing skills. Pencil, pen, and water color are the major media used. Students will learn to break down objects to their most simplistic forms and expand their abilities to create the illusion of depth. Experimentation, development of personal techniques through observation and the participation in the creative process are the main areas of emphasis.
  • Modern Calligraphy 7th-8th Grade: This elective is designed to help students master the fundamentals of penmanship as well as learn how to write in a variety of other letter styles to create greeting cards, posters, and various signs.
  • Imaginative Design 7th-8th Grade: Students will use their creativity and imagination to conceptualize games, worlds, societies and events. Students study world- building, character development, and fiction novels with the goal of creating their own universe in which to set their own story.
  • Technology and Programming 1 & 2 6th-8th Grade: Beginning with Technology and Programming 1, students will learn the history of computers and technology. The will explore the process of how to utilize computers and other technologies to build websites and create games. Moving into Technology and Programming 2, the focus will shift to coding and programming. There is a heavy emphasis on app development for both iOS and Android.
  • Digital Media Art 6th-8th Grade: Students will learn how to used Adobe software and related apps to create digital art. Students will learn the basics of photo editing, graphic design, and video editing using both computers and iPads. Students that take this elective will be able to use the 3-D printer.
  • STEAM 6th-8th grade: Creativity and communication is integrated in each STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) lesson. A portion of the curriculum will include Destination ImaginNation®—a creative problem solving program that teaches kids theatrical and technical skills, independence, leadership, cooperation/teamwork, organization, time management, and how to "sell" their solutions.
  • Spanish 1 7th-8th grade: Students will learn to understand and speak basic Spanish. Reading, writing, and conversation in Spanish will build vocabulary and confidence. They will explore art, music, customs and foods in Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.
  • Spanish 2 8th grade: Students will learn and practice how to participate in two way conversations, understand written and audiovisual materials, and will complete oral presentations each quarter. They will continue to explore the culture, history and foods from Spanish-Speaking cultures.
  • Yearbook and Journalism 7th-8th grade: Students will be trained to report on school actives and sports events in our quarterly newspaper, "The Eagle's Eye", and design the school yearbook. Students will develop their skills in writing, editing, photography, design, and publishing as they work as a team to meet deadlines for these school-wide publications.
  • Life Skills 7th-8th grade: A class designed to enhance the life skills of each student. Hands on activities will include a variety of topics related to cooking, money management, applying for a job, and much more.
  • Why Do We Believe That? 7th-8th grade: The class will focus on honestly answering some of the questions students don't get to ask in Sunday School. Topics will include: Apologetics, the History of the Church and Ethics.
  • World Cultures and Food 7th-8th grade: Students will explore how geographic features, human relationships, political and social structures, economics, science, technology, and the arts have developed and influenced life in countries around the world. Some points of focus will be identity, immigration, assimilation and distinctiveness, power and oppression, struggles for rights, regionalism, current events, culture and the media and the formation of new cultures.

Class offerings depend on student interest each year.