Family Service Program

what is family service?

Family Service is a mandatory service program. All families with students enrolled in Elementary and Junior High must contribute a minimum amount of service to the school year. Parents will choose from a predetermined list of service opportunities.

Why should ccs have a family service program?

CCS is committed to supporting families who have entrusted their children to our care. We have implemented a family service policy in an attempt to readily identify areas in which they are able to serve. Most significantly, it will allow us to build a better sense of community as we work together. We will have greater opportunity to observe and meet each other's needs and to demonstrate to our children our commitment to the and to their school.

how does it work?

Families indicate which service opportunities they wish to perform for the school year. Each family is required to turn in a Family Service Contract. Assignments are sent to each family before the new school year begins.

how much service is required?

The Family Service annual commitment is 20 hour per year per family.

what if our family cannot COMMIT the time to volunteer?

The annual amount for the buyout option is $500.00

who administers the program?

During the summer, parents will be sent a Family Service Program contract with the various service options

what are the service options?

During the summer, parents will be went sent a Family Service Program Contract with various service options.

will this limit service OPPORTUNITIES for those who want to do more?

Absolutely not! Many families already serve substantially more than the proposed minimum service. We do not want to discourage participation in any way. We do want other families to experience the benefits of being actively involved in the school community.