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From the Superintendent:

"Campbell Christian Schools is currently offering full-time, daily academic instruction for grades K-8 in accordance with recommendations and requirements outlined by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health, whichever is more stringent, as required by law. We are also offering full-time, synchronous distance learning options for families using Zoom carts for a direct video feed into classroom activities. As a school standardized on Apple products, our classrooms are outfitted with Apple TV units and projectors, and with our Zoom carts we are able to directly engage distance learners at home into the classroom. Guardians are provided with a choice at this time about whether or not the guardian(s) feel comfortable to be in person or a distance learner. Because we realize we are a unique institution that is one of the few able to offer full-time, daily instruction for our students, and because we are working diligently to safely operate with required and recommended safeguards in place, guardians will need to choose which program, in-person or distance, they would like to have their student enrolled in. We may need up to two weeks to provide a spot for a new student to start school in order to prepare a safe spot for instruction, but we will work diligently to provide that spot earlier if able.

Our roughly 65 staff members are tested roughly once a month on-site at this time for Covid-19, and both staff members and students are provided screening for symptoms and temperature daily at this time. Our ventilation systems are serviced regularly in accordance with ventilation recommendations provided by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, our fans are operating at every moment while individuals are in our buildings pulling air from outside the building, and we have our ventilation systems on a service rotation for filter replacements with MERV 13 filters as suggested by health professionals to combat COVID-19 transmission."

For enrollment information, timelines, and openings, please contact Lisa Fanjoy at and CC our administrator Dr. Shawn Stuart at

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