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Silicon Valley’s premier private school serving Infant - 8th grade

Elementary Enrichment

Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology, Library, and Chapel are all taught by specialists in each of these essential areas. By allowing teachers to teach to their strengths and academic degree specialty, we are guaranteeing that all of these subjects will have the same high standards as our core curriculum classrooms. These dedicated professionals are enthusiastic and bring a wealth of knowledge and depth to each of their specialties.

The study, practice, and appreciation of each of these subjects is paramount to fulfill a well-rounded education for each student. By integrating and interweaving these classes into the normal school week, children have an exceptional opportunity to gain a broad perspective on education and discover their unique role in God's kingdom.

Art Education

Campbell Christian School offers an outstanding art education program to all elementary classes. Art education at CCS focuses on teaching the elements and principles of art through a hands-on approach. These principles are broken down into the basics, allowing all students to participate, create, and enjoy the art experience. Students also have the opportunity to critique famous works and apply other artists’ techniques and concepts to their own artistic projects.

Though some schools have cut art programs from their curriculum, children love and benefit greatly from art. We will continue to keep art education a key focus at CCS.


Campbell Christian School Athletics exist to help develop the whole student. The goal of our athletic program is to help prepare students for high school sports. CCS coaches are experienced and well trained in their sport. Sports are try-out based and athletes are held to high academic, athletic and behavior standards. Our mission is to help develop student athletes to grow in academics, athletics and their personal Christian faith.

CCS is a part of the Bay Area Christian School Athletic League (BACSAL), which is comprised of four divisions and twenty two Christian schools from Santa Cruz to Vallejo. In the past five years, CCS has won four division titles, placed in the league tournament eight times, including one league championship. Campbell Christian has a diverse and competive athletic program that will help students prepare for the next level of athletics.


All elementary students attend a computer class for 40 minutes per week. Students use their problem solving skills in coding activities, learn how computers communicate and think, and help each other to overcome obstacles. Computer class also supplements what students learn in their core classes with programs like Accelerated Reader and SplashMath. Additionally second through fifth grade students learn typing skills.

All Internet connections are filtered for objectionable content.

Unless your child is struggling with their computer assignment, it is not necessary to buy the software listed here. Some of the software used in class includes:

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Drive (Docs, Slides, and Sheets)
  • Accelerated Reader
  • SplashMath

Library Education

The primary goal of the school library is to support the academic programs of Campbell Christian Schools. Our library seeks to encourage the love of reading among all students and provide students grade-appropriate instruction on information retrieval, analysis and literacy. An annual Book Fair is a week long event where students and parents can choose books to purchase or donate them to the classrooms. All proceeds from this book fair are used to purchase new books for the library.

students reading in library

Some highlights from the library program

  • The library purchases a subscription for all CCS students to World Book Online, an online encyclopedia that students can use for school projects or for fun personal research, either at school or at home.
  • The school has adopted the Accelerated Reader Program. This program is designed to create individualized reading goals through identifying independent reading levels for each student. Students read self-selected books inside his or her personalized reading zone (level) and then take a comprehension test based on the book. Students earn points throughout the month and reading tests help the teachers and parents monitor reading progress. By giving students reading goals and access to many books at the appropriate reading level, we are able to set up challenging and fun reading experiences that foster reading growth.
  • The school library has over 6,000 books for students to check out on a weekly basis. The librarian constantly updates the library with new items.
  • The library is outfitted with an LCD projector, DVD/VCR. The librarian can teach from a tablet computer with instructional information appearing in real-time on the projection screen.
  • The library is also attached to our computer lab, which provides student access to the internet for research and to take Accelerated Reader quizzes.


Music is taught on a weekly basis to all grade levels, from pre-Kindergarten through 5th grades.

Students are taught a varied and well-balanced music curriculum, including music notation and terminology, famous composers and their works, periods in music history, and instrument families. They also learn to play recorder, ukulele and various percussion instruments.

All students perform in chapel and our annual school Christmas and Spring Concerts.

Physical Education

CCS offers a comprehensive Physical Education program designed to provide students with the knowledge, habits, and attitudes that will equip them for a fit and healthy life. This includes health and nutrition education, fitness and movement activities, and instruction in sport skills. Physical Education testing occurs at the beginning of the academic year. This testing provides parents with a variety of physical development markers to gauge student development.

In addition to the weekly P.E. classes for each grade, CCS holds yearly sports events to promote fellowship, team building skills and sportsmanship. Parents are encouraged to come and share in these events with their children. Some of those events include our annual cup stacking “Stack Off”, usually held in November and December of each year. This activity promotes small and large motor skill improvement as well as brain to motor development—the children really love the activities and competition as well.

The P.E. department also sponsors an annual Field Day. Held during May of each year, Field Day is a fun day of relay races and activities among the students, staff, administrators, and parents. Families are welcomed to attend this fun activity, and it is a nice bookend to a successful academic year.


CCS elementary students attend Chapel in the auditorium on Tuesdays from 8:15-8:45 AM. These weekly Chapels consist of a time of praise and worship led by a team of 5th grade students along with Mrs. Ahrens, our music teacher. This is followed by either a short lesson or skit including presentations by the ministerial staff of the Campbell Church of Christ. Skits are performed by each classroom twice a year, as each class takes turns presenting a message based on the annual Chapel theme.

Parents are always welcome to join students at Chapel. It is a tradition of community worship and learning that students, parents and teachers alike look forward to each week!