Elementary Summer Camp

You asked. We answered. New flexible Summer Camp plans are coming for 2018.

Summer is a hectic and exciting time of the year. Vacations, camps, and all kinds of adventures await you and your family. It’s hard to know when exactly you will need child care. When that last minute trip to Lake Tahoe comes up, we want you to be able to make a decision without being concerned that you have already paid for your child to be in Summer Camp.

We want you to be able to take full advantage of your Summer without feeling like you are paying for a service that you aren’t receiving.

Therefore, we are introducing Day Passes. You can sign up for as many days as you need or purchase a Membership Plan that will cover the cost of the entire Summer (June 6th-August 9th). Drop in any day. You’ll still receive the same perks that you currently get with Campbell Christian’s Summer Camp like field trips and swimming, but now, you can create a schedule that works for your family.


Instead of an enrollment fee, you will pay a $200 deposit to hold a spot in Summer Camp. The deposit will go towards the cost of tuition.


For $2,700 ($60 dollars a day) you get full access to our Summer Camp including nine field trips, nine parties, and a wide range of exciting enrichments and activities. Enroll by May 1st and receive a SEASON PASS TO GREAT AMERICA for your child.

Option 2–Day Passes

Purchase individual day passes. Buy as many or as few as you want and come as you need. Notification of intention to attend camp Tuesday-Friday is helpful, but not required (*Mondays require notice*)

  • Plan 1: 1-15 days: $95 a day
  • Plan 2: 16-25 days: $85 a day
  • Plan 3: 26 days or more: $80 a day

**Because Mondays are field trip days, you must give notice by the previous Monday in order to attend the field trip. This is necessary for busing transportation and group ticket sales



Contact Katie Dean for more information

Katie Dean

Extended Care Director, Summer Camp Director, Media Manager