Junior High L.I.T Program

Dates: June 8th-july 24th | Hours: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Open to students that have completed 5th-8th grade



Engaging Academics

After working all school year, we know it can be hard to focus on studies over the summer. Our curriculum is designed to keep student's minds sharp without making them feel like they are still in school. Concepts such as writing and math are reviewed Tuesday through Thursday mornings in exciting, creative ways to ensure your student is ready for the Fall.

It's L.I.T.! (Leaders-In-Training)

In the afternoons, we will be helping our young adolescents become compassionate servant leaders with our brand new L.I.T program. Students will be introduced to ways that they can better serve their communities, such as environmentalism, animal care, cross-generational relationships and more. Each of these topics includes a field-trip or activity for our students to receive hands-on experience serving their communities.

Exciting Adventures

It's important to take breaks which is why our summer program isn't just studying! Junior highers go on field trips each Monday to thrilling locations such as Great America, Raging Waters, Six Flags and more! During the week, we'll take a break in between sessions to go swimming each day so your student has the opportunity to socialize and get some exercise!

Payment Plans

Option 1

Membership: For $1,996 you get full access to our six-week Junior High program including academics, field trips, servant leadership training and a wide range of activities and fun.

Option 2

Academics Only: This option includes all six weeks of academic planning in the morning for $1,248.

Option 3

Weekly: Chose the number of weeks you would like to attend at a rate of $368 per week.

Katie Dean

Extended Care Director, Summer Camp Director, Media Manager