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Campbell Christian Schools is a non-profit Christian school, affiliated with the Campbell Church of Christ, located on 4.7 acres of land near the heart of Silicon Valley in Campbell, California.

Our campus consists of 3 main buildings totaling over 65,000 square feet, including classrooms, a gymnasium, locker rooms, an auditorium, a library and two computer labs.

We currently offer programs for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and children in Grades K-8th.

Our mission is to develop a firm foundation in children spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically, utilizing biblical truths and a desire for knowledge to prepare each child for service and leadership in the future.


Expected School-wide Learning Results (Student Outcomes)


It is our goal for students to exhibit development and growth in the following areas:

  1. Christ-Centered Spirituality - Students will exhibit a desire to know and understand Jesus Christ—His life, lessons, ministry, and love for us—through biblical life application, daily worship and prayer, and the outward display of love and kindness towards their families, peers, and other members of their community.
  2. Intellect - Students will be lifelong learners who can understand and apply the academic disciplines learned in school to their daily lives and demonstrate the ability to self-direct, manage, and work both independently and collaboratively.
  3. Communication - Students will develop the self-confidence, ability, insight, and organization to effectively communicate in written form, spoken word, and with technology.
  4. Character - Students will develop a spirit of cooperation, friendship, respect, and love for friends, leaders, family, community, church, and country.
  5. Fitness - Students will learn how to care for and respect their bodies and create positive and healthy habits that last a lifetime.