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Early Childhood


Our early and middle preschool children participate in art and are taught basic music competence in our Music and Movement program. Classes are taught by a certified Music Together® instructor and are designed to help kids learn how to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in a playful, rhythmic, and fun musical environment.

Pre-kindergarten students receive music, library, physical education, and computer instruction from the elementary school enrichment teachers once a week. These classes focus on age-appropriate skills that prepare them for kindergarten and acquaint them with some of their future teachers, allowing a smooth transition into Elementary School.

All of preschool and pre-K participates in "Pray and Play" where children become aware of God together in ordinary yet creative ways. Children will learn life skills like stress relief, prayer, and communication through physical fitness and stretching from a fun, biblical approach.

All preschoolers participate in stage performances including the Spring Concert and Christmas Concert. Children practice and perform for friends and family in our Chapel program.