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Praise for CCS

"My sons, who are now almost 3, have been going to Campbell Christian since they were 16 months old. My husband and I toured multiple daycares and preschools and Campbell Christian was high and above any others in my opinion. When we met the Preschool Director, Kathy, for a tour, we fell in love with the teachers, facilities, and the passion that Kathy has for the preschool program. I didn’t think it would be possible to find a school to care for my children that would give me absolutely no doubt that they were being loved and cared for, and didn’t make me feel guilty for being a working mom.

I can feel the love that my boys have for teachers, and that the teachers have for my boys. They are always excited about going to school and are never upset when they are dropped off. Rather, they are excited about their day! The knowledge they gain from school often surprises me. They are not even three and have been able to count to 20, know all the colors, many letters, and days of the week for a while now.

The school programs (Open House and Christmas concert) are priceless. The preschool often has theme weeks that are very educational and fun. I find that all the staff loves and takes pride in their job, and are happy to be there. I couldn’t be more grateful that we are a part of Campbell Christian Schools!"

-Jennifer D.

"Campbell Christian Schools have been a blessing to our family. My oldest is in the Pre-K program and my youngest is in the Toddler program. The boys have been attending for less than a year, and we have built a meaningful relationship with the teachers, staff, and administration.

Many of the teachers have been with CCS for many years, which is illustrated by their meaningful enjoyment and passion for their work. Every day I ask my boys about their day. More than once my oldest has said, "I love school and my friends." The level of professionalism extends beyond teaching. My oldest son has very sensitive skin which needs constant attention. His teachers take the time to inquire about the best way to care for my son, going the extra mile to address his needs. One day my son's hands were extremely dry, which caused him to itch uncontrollably. This raised concern for his fellow classmates. Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Malana both took time out of the day to discuss how everyone has different types of skin and ways to support my son when he is not feeling well with the class. I praise the compassion they provide my sons. This is just one of many experiences of the level of sincere care my family has received as being a part of Campbell Christian Schools."

-Hideo I.

"Our preschool-age daughter has attended Campbell Christian School for nearly a year since I started my transition from a stay-at-home mom to a full-time working mom. My husband and I had a lot of concerns about my daughter’s move from being with a parent all day to attending pre-school. We worried about everything: from our daughter feeling welcomed, to learning morals and ethics, to the cleanliness of the facilities, the special programs, and field trips, going from diapers to big girl underwear… the list went on and on. Thankfully, from the day of my school tour through the first few weeks and on, CCS really allayed our looming fears. We are truly grateful for the wonderful teachers, administration, and other staff who have made each day at school one where our daughter felt loved, welcomed, and nourished in so many ways. We really trust in the CCS team and that in itself is invaluable. As a family, we are looking forward to continuing to grow together with CCS through these pivotal early childhood years. We can only say good things about the caretakers at CCS! We hope prospective parents and children will also see how special and outstanding Campbell Christian School truly is."

-Jennifer D.

"Campbell Christian School has given my two children the opportunity to grow spiritually, be challenged academically, and thrive with teachers, administrators, families, and friends who truly take the time to get to know them. From the moment I took my first tour, I noticed the special, loving environment that made the campus feel like a home away from home. Parents feel welcome on campus: from being able to attend chapel once a week, to volunteering and serving the school in various ways, to participating in fun school activities and events. My children enjoy the after-school programs and look forward to participating in CCS athletics. The music and theater department is amazing! Without CCS, I would never have known that my once-shy daughter could blossom on stage through chapel performances, concerts, and the school musical. I am so thankful we found CCS; it is the perfect place for us, and has brought out the best in my son and daughter!"

-Laura H., "Authors and Artists Club" Instructor and Parent

"Campbell Christian has been a blessing to our family since 2011. The school continues to provide our three children with a strong academic and spiritual balance. The teachers and administration are dedicated and genuinely care about the students. They are also role models who live their faith and help to set an example for our children. We are thankful for not only the academic program but athletics, music, and other enrichment opportunities that Campbell Christian has to offer. The school community feels like family. They foster a safe, caring, and respectful environment that is felt the moment you walk onto the campus. We have found Campbell Christian to be a wonderful collaboration of caring families who share the same values and support one another."

-The Martinez Family