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Infant/Toddler Program

Our Infant/Toddler program is rooted in our belief that positive social and learning experiences are an essential part of early development. By providing an environment where your child can express their feelings and practice negotiation skills in a positive light, they learn the foundation on which to base all future relationships.

The age ranges for children in our program are:

Infants – 4 weeks to 10 months

Early Toddlers – 10 months - 15 months

Toddlers – 15 months to 2 years

We maintain a teacher-to-child ratio of 1 to 4 for children 2 years and below, and 1 to 12 for potty-trained children 2 years and up 



Our classrooms are decorated with soft soothing colors, decorative murals, comfortable child-sized furniture, play stations, age-appropriate soft climbing blocks and a variety of other readily accessible toys that give children the freedom to choose between quiet or active play. Rooms are also equipped with changing tables, microwaves for food and formula and a sink (both out of reach of children), and locked storage facilities for toddlers in the classroom.

Infants sleep in heavy-duty cribs equipped with emergency mobile bracing in case of fire or earthquake. Our toddlers sleep on mats and all students can be seen and heard while sleeping in the cribs.

Our enclosed outdoor play area has a resilient cushioned surface and provides age-appropriate outdoor equipment for daily active play.


Curriculum and Daily Routine

Our curriculum includes the following daily activities:

  • Bible Stories and Songs
  • Small Motor and Large Motor Skills
  • Free Choice
  • Basic Shapes
  • Finger Plays and Flannel Boards
  • Dramatic Play
    Daily routines such as feeding and diapering are also part of the routine for infants and toddlers. Routines promote a close personal relationship with the caregivers allowing them to provide more responsive care to your child.


Good-byes are a part of everyday life. When you leave your child in our care, or when a teacher leaves, we let even the youngest child know when, where, why, and who will be there to care for them. This builds trust and communicates security and love. Teachers work very hard to greet each parent and student coming into the classroom, as the transition from parent to teacher is an important one. We apply ourselves to make sure that the transition is as calm as possible.


Infant and toddler meals are provided by the parents and are prepared in the room, as this best accommodates individual eating habits. Food is kept refrigerated in the event that the child is not hungry at scheduled mealtimes. Our rooms for the toddler children have nonperishable snacks on hand for hungry growing times.

Diaper Changes

Diaper changing times are special times for the teacher and child as they connect with each other. The talking time during diaper changes help the young children to be respectful during this exchange and fosters understanding and trust.


Naps are scheduled twice daily for infants and once for toddlers, but extra naps are provided as needed. Dedicated space for napping allows children to sleep on schedule.