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Elementary Enrichment

Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology, Library, and Chapel are all taught by specialists in each of these essential areas. By allowing educators to teach to their strengths and academic degree specialty, we are guaranteeing that all of these subjects will have the same high standards as our core curriculum classes. These dedicated professionals are enthusiastic and bring a wealth of knowledge and depth to each of their specialties.

The study, practice, and appreciation of each of these subjects is paramount to fulfilling a well-rounded education for each student. By integrating and interweaving these classes into the normal school week, children have an exceptional opportunity to gain a broad perspective on education and discover their unique role in God's kingdom.

Art Education

Campbell Christian School offers an outstanding art education program to all elementary classes. Art education at CCS focuses on teaching the elements and principles of art through a hands-on approach. These principles are broken down into the basics, allowing all students to create and enjoy participating in the art experience. Students also have the opportunity to critique famous works and apply other artists’ techniques and concepts to their own artistic projects.

Unfortunately, some schools have eliminated art programs from their curriculum. We will continue to keep art education a key focus at CCS as we value the fact that children love and benefit greatly from art.


Campbell Christian School Athletics exists to help develop the whole student. The goal of our athletic program is to help prepare students for high school sports. CCS coaches are experienced and well-trained in their sport. All athletes must try out to participate on any team.  Our Eagles are held to high academic, athletic, and behavioral standards to participate in our sports programs. Our mission is to help develop student-athletes to grow in academics, athletics, and their personal Christian faith.

CCS is a part of the Bay Area Christian School Athletic League (BACSAL), which comprises four divisions and twenty-two Christian schools from Santa Cruz to Vallejo. In the past five years, CCS has won four division titles and placed in the league tournament nine times, including two league championships. Campbell Christian has a diverse and competitive athletic program that will help students prepare for the next level of athletics.


All elementary students attend a computer class for 40 minutes per week. Students use problem-solving skills in coding activities, learn how computers communicate and think, and help each other to overcome obstacles. 

K - 2nd grade covers parts of the iPad, how to adjust volume, how to shut down the iPad, and also use pencil code to code simple shapes like rectangles, triangles, etc.

3rd grade -5th grade covers project-based coding. Students mainly use Scratch to design sprites and add functionality to the sprites to eventually have a functional game. We also practice typing periodically to boost our typing speed.

Outside of the mandatory class, Digital Citizenship, junior high technology is offered as an elective enrichment. Enrichments offered are:
App and game development: In this class, we build websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, we also create functional games from scratch using Javascript 
Machines and Robotics: Students get to make models in 3D and are able to print these models in our Dremel 3D printer. 
Python and Java: This class focuses on the software engineering aspect of computer science. This class is project-based and we make functional games like Rock Paper Scissors or Connect 4 etc using either Python or Java.

Library Education

The primary goal of the school library is to support the academic programs of Campbell Christian Schools. Our library seeks to encourage the love of reading among all students and provide students with grade-appropriate instruction on information retrieval, analysis and literacy. An annual Book Fair is a week long event where students and parents can choose books to purchase or to donate them to the classrooms. All proceeds from this book fair are used to purchase new books for the library. 


  • The library purchases a subscription for all CCS students to World Book Online, an online encyclopedia that students can use for school projects or for fun personal research, either at school or at home.
  • The school library has over 6,000 books for students to check out weekly. The librarian constantly updates the library with new items.
  • Published children's authors visit our students throughout the year to teach them about reading, the writing process, and sometimes, illustration.  Typically, books by the author are available for sale and will be autographed by the visiting author.  Previous guests include: Sherri Rinker, Rachel Ignotofsky, Tim McCanna, and Judd Winick

In the elementary enrichment program, students explore the basic building blocks of music including body movement, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and much more. In the K-2 grades, we focus more on building these skills in order to build our confidence in music. Once students enter 3rd grade, they learn how to read notation. This skill is then translated to Orff instruments. In 4th grade, students learn how to play the recorder. In 5th grade, students learn how to play the ukulele and focus on more challenging Orff pieces. 5th graders also have the opportunity to join our chapel team. The chapel team leads the entire elementary school in musical worship every Tuesday. They also get to perform a skit that revolves around our chapel theme for the year. The goal of our elementary music enrichment is to build young musicians who have a passion and respect for music.

Once these students reach 5th grade, they have the option to further their music by joining our beginner band. In junior high, they have the opportunity to join a more challenging band. 7th and 8th graders who favor singing and dancing on stage can join the show choir! There are plenty of opportunities to explore the world of music at CCS.

Physical Education 

Campbell Christian Schools are committed to making classrooms safe and challenging through quality standards-based curriculum and personal interactions designed to meet individual needs.  We practice mental, physical, and spiritual health. We encourage collaboration skills and participation in class so that they can learn from each other, as well as the instructor, in a democratic and fair classroom designed for student success. The element of pleasure in physical activity and pleasure in play will be a continual focus for physical education.

Elementary Curriculum 
-Introduction to fitness including muscular strength, flexibility, balance, motor skills, and anatomy
-Introduction to sports skills and good sportsmanship

Junior High Curriculum 
-More in-depth discussions of fitness including muscular strength, flexibility, balance, motor skills, and anatomy
-Team sports skills and good sportsmanship
-3 year revolving health units


CCS elementary students attend Chapel in the auditorium on Tuesdays from 8:15-8:45 AM. These weekly Chapels consist of a time of praise and worship led by a team of 5th grade students along with our music teacher. This is followed by either a short lesson or skit including presentations by the ministerial staff of the Campbell Church of Christ. Skits are performed by each classroom twice a year, as each class takes turns presenting a message based on the annual Chapel theme.

Parents are always welcome to watch chapel performances and worship with the students. This builds a healthy and strong community among our school's families.