Community is the heart of Campbell Christians schools.

The School Community

Campbell Christian is more than just a place for your child to attend school. We are a community of parents, teachers, students and staff coming together to create the best possible environment in which your children will learn and grow.

There are many ways we regularly come together:

  • Our Parent Teacher Fellowship is the foundation program that brings parents and teachers together. Regular meetings and planned activities allow us to get to know each other as well as provide material support for furthering the school's mission. Read all about PTF here...
  • Every morning before class, the Elementary School gathers for flag salute. This is a great time to talk with other parents and teachers before the bustle of a busy day. If there are birthdays, the lucky girl or boy has Happy Birthday sang to them by the whole school. After any short announcements, one of the children will end with a prayer.
  • On Tuesday mornings, our students gather for chapel and families are always invited. Each week one of the classes or the chapel team takes that stage to act out a skit relating to a biblical lesson. Tuesdays are always a favorite with children as they get to see their classmates on stage and spend an extra half hour with Mom or Dad.
  • Our Family Service Program not only allows parents to give back to the school, but many of the available jobs involve helping out in the class or in other ways providing contact time with teachers and students.
  • Regular field trips also provide a great opportunity for parents to get to know each other as well as the teachers. Parents act as chaperones and drivers, but while the kids are engaged in learning or other activities, the adults often have time to talk.
  • Special events at the school such as guest speakers, movie nights, dinners and concerts.

The World Community

In addition to our school community, we also reach out to the broader community. Students participate in a number of programs throughout the year that benefit others outside of the school. Programs can be as simple as spreading Christmas cheer through caroling or as serious as supporting less fortunate children in the world through Compassion International.

The Community of God

Campbell Christian Schools are a ministry of the Campbell Church of Christ. School families are invited to engage as much or as little as they want with the church community.